• Which Parts of the Body Do Chiropractors Treat?
    When you think of a chiropractor, do you think of them treating the spine only?  If you do, keep reading!  Though, there are some chiropractors that only focus on the Read more
  • Forward Head Posture a.k.a. Text Neck: Part 1
    One of the things I commonly see in my office is someone with poor neck and head posture.  When looking at someone from the side, the ears should line up Read more
  • Forward Head Posture a.k.a. Text Neck: Part 2
    For a better understanding of forward head posture, click here. Now that you have a better understanding, besides the added pressure and pain to the back and neck, there are a Read more
  • Stop Sitting On Your Fat Wallet
    When someone comes in with back pain, one of the things I look for is to see if they keep anything in their back pockets.  Occasionally, I will see a thick Read more

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